New Goblins in the Mist: Chapter 10!

A new Goblins in the Mist chapter is up! If you didn’t already know, Goblins in the Mist is a fantasy/comedy/horror that was supposed to be a novella, but I’ve long since crossed into the novel category with it. You can read Chapter 10 here:

Chapter Ten

Gesine has always been a strange one. She’s always been into the dark clothes, edgy jewelry, and forbidden lore. In fact, I think she did her thesis on “Recycling the Dead: A Postmodern Analysis of the Economic Burden of the Modern Graveyard.” Of course, I never thought she would end up working for the Duke. She did do a paper once titled “Duke Werner Jäger Isn’t Such a Bad Guy After All,” but I never thought much on it. Now that I am thinking about it, that title probably should have tipped me off…

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In case you’ve never read Goblins in the Mist before, you can catch every chapter so far right here:

Goblins in the Mist.

Goblins in the Mist

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