The Quick and Easy Guide to Writing Genre Fiction

My first nonfiction!

I wrote this guide to help new writers get started with writing genre fiction. This guide is also handy for those authors who just want a refresher course in how to write genre fiction.

Literary fiction is all about making a grand point and is typically filled with the author’s own propaganda, but genre fiction is all about the story, and if you can’t tell a story, you’ve got nothing.

I had my fill of literary fiction in college, so no more Great Gatsby, no more The Sun Also Rises, no more Shakespeare, and no more Moby Dick. If you’ve made it to this page, you clearly want to write genre fiction, so buy this book today. It contains the basic building blocks you need to get started. I’ve even included the complete creation process of one of my own original short stories to give you an example of what to work with.

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