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Technically, none of them were supposed to be out here, not out here in the Forbidden Zone, an arm of space that few travelers ever returned from, but the scientific discoveries just waiting to be…discovered…were far too tempting to pass up…

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Scott was well familiar with Prisoner’s Rock; everyone was. It was a large chunk of boulder-like land just jutting out of Prisoner’s Creek, but nobody ever went out to it. There were a lot of stories attached to it, or rather, a lot of stories attached to what was next to it, submerged next to it under the water. Nevertheless, Scott wasn’t scared of some stupid local legends…

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Goblins in the Mist: Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

Gesine has always been a strange one. She’s always been into the dark clothes, edgy jewelry, and forbidden lore. In fact, I think she did her thesis on “Recycling the Dead: A Postmodern Analysis of the Economic Burden of the Modern Graveyard.” Of course, I never thought she would end up working for the Duke. She did do a paper once titled “Duke Werner Jäger Isn’t Such a Bad Guy After All,” but I never thought much on it. Now that I am thinking about it, that title probably should have tipped me off…

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