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The beautiful, otherworldly shape in the center of the pentagram stopped and turned to stare directly into Cindy’s dark eyes. There were two pinpoints of vermillion light in that smoke where its eyes should have been, and those two pinpoints of light burrowed into Cindy, burrowing into the very depths of her mind right down to her innocent soul…

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Y is for Yanosh


This man, this “Yanosh,” was indeed something terrifying. His face was gone; there were only bits of melted flesh hanging off of a white skull, two very human eyes looking out from the orbital sockets, his tongue hanging out of the right side of his mouth through a gap in his broken teeth…

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Goblins in the Mist: Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

So, I have finally achieved some reference points for drawing “Bath Time Jenny.” I have committed to memory everything I have seen, and I have thoroughly sketched that memory in but a few pages, only twenty or so, those sketches from different angles. She is definitely my top candidate in researching premarital sexual relations, though to be fair, she was already at the top of that list…

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