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Becca’s Night Out


He’d cased her for a week already, and now it was finally time to act. She was a pretty little thing, a sorority girl, short, about 5’2”, pixie-cut dyed-blonde hair, hourglass body, button nose, round lips, decent boobs, cute face and smile…He hoped she wouldn’t put up too much of a fight…

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Paint by Numbers


The little room was mostly cleared out now, all except for an old wooden desk, a wooden chair with a pillowed seat, and an old wooden easel. Upon the desk were a number of different-sized paint brushes, and next to them was a large wooden palette ready to hold various paints, those various paints already waiting upon the old desk next to the palette, each paint stored in small jars ready for immediate use…

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Latest Goblins in the Mist:

Goblins in the Mist: Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

I have, of course, for my own sanity, blotted from my memories the exact details of what partook in the slaughter that ensued my rescue, as such gore and grossness does not sit well with me, and my mind and vision automatically recorded other, far more important details, details that needed to be recorded for the posterity of the village…

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