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Watch Me


There was an eye drawn in white ink upon the countertop, probably with some kind of marker, but where one could get a white marker was a mystery in itself. The eye was drawn in the most basic style, just a circle within lids, lines like lashes extending out from it, something even a child could do in terms of artistic quality…

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Ogre Versus Sasquatch


He could see it now, and it was big. It was at least eight-feet-tall, a couple feet shorter than him, and it was slenderer than him, but it was definitely humanoid, probably some type of giant like himself. It was covered in dark fur or hair, and its face had the rough semblance of a man, but he had never encountered anything that looked even remotely like it…

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Latest Goblins in the Mist:

Goblins in the Mist: Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

Gesine has always been a strange one. She’s always been into the dark clothes, edgy jewelry, and forbidden lore. In fact, I think she did her thesis on “Recycling the Dead: A Postmodern Analysis of the Economic Burden of the Modern Graveyard.” Of course, I never thought she would end up working for the Duke. She did do a paper once titled “Duke Werner Jäger Isn’t Such a Bad Guy After All,” but I never thought much on it. Now that I am thinking about it, that title probably should have tipped me off…

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