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Jupiter is Severed


He continued his walk toward Alex’s meeting place, but he did not have to walk for long. He saw Alex shivering in the cold, dressed in his dark-blue parka, standing right next to that “Jupiter Cola” machine the boy so loved…

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The Salesman


Dawn emerged from behind him as he drove west. The early morning light emblazoned everything with its welcomed glow, so it was no surprise when the first of the road signs came into view. It wasn’t the signs that distracted him, however. It was the singular house in the distance that caught his eye, a white two-story of brand-new build, a little gem out in the middle of nowhere…

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Latest Goblins in the Mist:

Goblins in the Mist: Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

So, I have finally achieved some reference points for drawing “Bath Time Jenny.” I have committed to memory everything I have seen, and I have thoroughly sketched that memory in but a few pages, only twenty or so, those sketches from different angles. She is definitely my top candidate in researching premarital sexual relations, though to be fair, she was already at the top of that list…

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