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The Bloody Twine Collection Bundles #1-5 is here!

The Bloody Twine Collection Bundles #1-5
The Bloody Twine Collection Bundles #1-5

Most of my stories have moved! You can now purchase The Bloody Twine Collection Bundles #1-5 on Amazon Kindle for $6.99! This book contains all 50 of my original short horror stories since the site’s creation, from “Mr. Keys” all the way to “Nameless.” You can now enjoy all of these stories at your leisure on your phone, PC, laptop, or Kindle E Reader. Purchase a copy, read it, enjoy it, and give me a good review.

The manuscript is coming soon!

Latest story up:



This little blonde thing had pale peach skin, skin painted over with a light brush of peach upon alabaster, and she possessed ruby red lips and striking green eyes, an eye color that was rare in combination for a natural blonde. Her adorable face was settled within a circlet of blonde ringlets, a face that was both cute yet disturbing in its…well…adorableness, and combined with her antiquated clothing, her very presence unsettled Lorena, if only because the girl looked like a walking and talking porcelain doll made flesh…

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There’s Nothing Like the Classics


The cabinet in question was little more than a small, square, black box with gold filigree along the edges. Sadly, it did not look “antique” so much as it looked “plain.” If it weren’t for the filigree and the small gold latch and turnkey on the right side of it, Annie would have passed it by altogether. In fact, it was barely more than a square foot in size…

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Latest Goblins in the Mist:

Goblins in the Mist: Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

Gesine has always been a strange one. She’s always been into the dark clothes, edgy jewelry, and forbidden lore. In fact, I think she did her thesis on “Recycling the Dead: A Postmodern Analysis of the Economic Burden of the Modern Graveyard.” Of course, I never thought she would end up working for the Duke. She did do a paper once titled “Duke Werner Jäger Isn’t Such a Bad Guy After All,” but I never thought much on it. Now that I am thinking about it, that title probably should have tipped me off…

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