How to Write Short Horror

Learn how to write short horror stories here.

How to Write Short Horror #1: Character Description

When writing a short story, detailed character description is only really necessary when you need to emphasize a character’s looks. Most of the time, you can give a short description of a character that infers a look in the mind’s eye of the reader…In other words, let their imagination fill in the rest…

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How to Write Short Horror #2: Tailoring Your Prose

Your prose (your writing ability, your eloquence in the written word, or in a much broader sense, your writing style) can be tailored to fit your characters rather than simply “sounding” like you always do when you write. Try reading some of your stories out loud, and you’ll hear what they “sound” like. This is your prose in the most basic sense of the word…

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How to Write Short Horror #3: Understanding Your Complaints

Understanding why you don’t like a certain story, plot, movie, etc. is fundamental to understanding your own writing. If you don’t understand this, you can’t construct more than one plot. Your stories will all sound the same. Watching or reading horror you don’t like will actually improve your writing, because then you can improve on the elements you do like and avoid the ones you don’t…

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How to Write Short Horror #4: Choosing Your Ending

So, what kind of ending do you want your short horror story to have? In this post, we’ll discuss the main types of endings you want, or in other words, the Disturbing Ending, the Unsettling Ending, or the Resolved Ending. Finally, we’ll go over the subtypes of endings you want, otherwise known as the Twist Ending, the Orthodox Ending, or the Unorthodox Ending…

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