The Bloody Twine Selection #1

Welcome to the Bloody Twine Selection #1! Featured in this little book are five selected short horror tales from, each story selected from the original five bundles respectively, so go someplace quiet, dim the lights, sit back, and enjoy some twisted tales with twisted endings.

Here is a brief description of the grim tales you will encounter within this selection: A pair of thieves break into a haunted mansion in order to steal a priceless diamond. A young delivery driver is pursued by monstrously changed people at a hotel. A teenage boy at a private academy learns the meaning of the word “Obey.” A seventh-grade boy investigates the love notes in the margins of his book. A little boy is terrorized by a malignant shadow on his bedroom wall.

These terrifying tales await you, dear reader.

Imagine walking into an abandoned storage room filled with old newspapers and magazines, all articles stacked in bundles neatly tied with twine, but then you discover other bundles, bundles not so neatly tied, ragged bundles of yellowed and partially-charred paper tied in bloodstained twine.

You see, some stories are meant to educate, and some stories are meant to entertain, but some stories…some stories are simply looking for a victim.


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