The Bloody Twine Collection Bundles #1-5

The Bloody Twine Collection Bundles #1-5

Welcome to the Bloody Twine Collection Bundles #1-5, a collection of short horror stories and novelettes written specifically for horror fans everywhere. This book contains 50 short horror stories/novelettes for your terrifying entertainment, so go someplace quiet, dim the lights, sit back, and enjoy some twisted tales with twisted endings.

Here is a brief description of just a few of the grim tales you will encounter within this collection: A pair of thieves break into a haunted mansion in order to steal a priceless diamond. A mother is murdered over and over again by a malevolent trickster on Halloween. A mercenary traverses a ruined city in search of magical artifacts. A fantasy ogre has a deathmatch with the legendary Bigfoot. An axe-murdering serial killer dressed as Santa runs afoul of the real Saint Nick.

This is just a taste of what’s hidden within the dark pages of this book. There are many more terrifying tales awaiting you, dear reader.

Imagine walking into an abandoned storage room filled with old newspapers and magazines, all articles stacked in bundles neatly tied with twine, but then you discover other bundles, bundles not so neatly tied, ragged bundles of yellowed and partially-charred paper tied in bloodstained twine.

You see, some stories are meant to educate, and some stories are meant to entertain, but some stories…some stories are simply looking for a victim.


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