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Josie could make out the large jagged boulders dotting here and there within the circle, those boulders resting upon deep lines drawn in the sand, those lines spinning round to converge in the center of this weird piece of field art…

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Whenever a breach opened, it would scatter items from other universes along a conical path, and these “artifacts,” no matter how mundane-looking, were always endowed with dimensional energy, making them worth their weight in gold. That’s why the State wanted them, but James wasn’t interested in what the State wanted, nor had he ever been…

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He skirted around a number of dead bodies, students who had suddenly died from the bad time three weeks ago. He had dim memories before that time, memories of himself and Brittney in something called a “dorm,” maybe an “apartment,” but that life was a million years gone in his mind, so those memories no longer mattered…

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This story has been published in The Bloody Twine Selection #1 and is unavailable to read.

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The screams around her were deafening, a screaming that bubbled up from the lake of fire that was split by this stone path, and she could see shapes in that lake, vaguely-human forms that reached and struggled for the surface…

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This man, this “Yanosh,” was indeed something terrifying. His face was gone; there were only bits of melted flesh hanging off of a white skull, two very human eyes looking out from the orbital sockets, his tongue hanging out of the right side of his mouth through a gap in his broken teeth…

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Mary peered out the window on the passenger side, but something felt off, not right. There were shops and houses here and there, but they all looked different in style and make from anything else she’d encountered in this state. There were cottages of stone walls and thatched roofs coupled by larger buildings of slate block, something old-fashioned and foreign that did not represent the Midwest houses that normally dotted the landscape out here…

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Dawn emerged from behind him as he drove west. The early morning light emblazoned everything with its welcomed glow, so it was no surprise when the first of the road signs came into view. It wasn’t the signs that distracted him, however. It was the singular house in the distance that caught his eye, a white two-story of brand-new build, a little gem out in the middle of nowhere…

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Andy was twenty-five and just starting out, but he knew he had a bright future. In fact, things were already going his way. By some miracle of amazing fortune, no one had rented the incredibly-cheap bottom apartment in this little two-story, and the only other occupant in the building was an ancient crone of a woman that supposedly lived in the upstairs apartment, but he didn’t know anything about her, nor did he need to…

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Scott was well familiar with Prisoner’s Rock; everyone was. It was a large chunk of boulder-like land just jutting out of Prisoner’s Creek, but nobody ever went out to it. There were a lot of stories attached to it, or rather, a lot of stories attached to what was next to it, submerged next to it under the water. Nevertheless, Scott wasn’t scared of some stupid local legends…

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