BASTION KORD Part V: Suffering

Part V of VII.

This is my first written novel, though not my first published book. This book was over 1200 pages long in 12-point Arial font, so I had to break it up into seven parts just to publish it. It took me two years to write, and boy do I wish I’d started with something easier.

Now, this book is crazy. This is a military, science-fiction, redemption novel set in the distant future, and it stars a nearly all female cast. This story is about a group of young women who were conscripted into an army to fight off an invasion of cybernetic corpses. The bulk of the novel is about their training and the trials and tribulations they go through, specifically Mandolin Johnson, the main character.

Nevertheless, the plot, characters, and dialogue are excellent, and the book is a work of art.

Here is the description for Part V:

Mandolin Johnson is a bigoted, spoiled, and self-centered rich girl that awakens to a world of pain in a foreign military boot camp. When she goes too far with her humiliation of her kind-hearted rival, Diana King, Mandolin learns a brutal lesson that all people have a breaking point. Diana has Mandolin abducted and conscripted into the United Duchy Infantry Corps, and it is there that Mandolin learns what the word humility really means.

Bastion Kord is divided into seven parts, and Part V is the story of how Mandolin must struggle through the adversity of her own grievous physical and emotional injuries.

Terribly injured by a grenade, Mandolin recovers in Medical while Mei receives corporal punishment at the Discipline Square over the accidental fragging. Mei vows to help Mandolin in the future, knowing full well what is coming for her injured squadmate.

Mandolin is charged and found guilty with a crime after she recovers from her frag injuries, and she is sent to the Discipline Square. Mandolin is pulled from the depths of her suicidal depression with the help of an old friend. The squad unites, puts aside their differences, and rallies behind both Mandolin and Mei as a whole unit.

Finally, the squad is released into the training grounds of Rains without any supervision, and they must find and secure shelter on their own during their week long survival training.

Part V of VII.

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